About Us

Corporate Mission Statement:

Crawford Custom Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to providing Training and Consulting Services that are informative, documented and represent only the highest industry standards. Our company offers Crane and Crane-Related Training, State and Federally Certified Inspection Services and licensed OSHA Compliance programs that support and enhance the professionalism and recognition of our clients’ businesses.

We believe the single most valuable asset of any company is the people that make it work. In the world of construction, heavy equipment and industrial manufacturing, qualified Safety Programs and Training will protect both the Health and Safety of the people that your company depends on, and the financial interests of the company itself.

Crawford Custom Consulting, Inc. will provide these invaluable services for your business and people at the highest possible level of professionalism.

Mr. William Hough – President and Founder of Crawford Custom Consulting, Inc.

Our Credentials

Our instructors hold multiple NCCCO certifications

Accredited NCCCO Mobile Crane Practical Examiners

Accredited NCCCO Rigging Level I & II Practical Examiners

Accredited NCCCO Signal Person Practical Examiners

NCCCO Certified Crane Inspectors

NCCCO Certified Lift Director

Crane Certification Association of America (CCAA) Certified Crane Inspectors/Surveyors

Crosby Certified Rigging Instructors

Manlift and Forklift Instructors