Pennsylvania Licensing

Under the new Pennsylvania law, no person may operate a crane or present themselves for employment as a crane operator without being licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. Nor shall a business employ an individual to operate a crane unless he or she is licensed.

Application Instructions

  1. Complete the application and submit with fee and supporting documents.
  2. Authorize your certifying organization to provide proof of certification and re-certification directly to the State Board office. Typically, certifying organizations obtain your authorization at or before testing for certification.
  3. Attach a physician's certification that you have been examined by a physician and determined to be physically capable of operating a crane. The physician may use a CDL physical form approved by the United States Department of Transportation.

General Information

  • Crawford Custom Consulting, Inc. is not the certifying organization for your state license. If you obtain your NCCCO Crane Operator Certification though Crawford Custom Consulting, NCCCO is the certifying organization and will provide proof of your certification upon request. NCCCO can be reached by phone at (703)560-2391.
  • You must maintain current certification with a certifying organization in conjunction with a Pennsylvania license.
  • You can only be licensed in the crane specialty for which you are certified. Addition of crane specialties to your Pennsylvania license, is obtained by application, upon request, payment of fee and proof of certification.
  • Licenses expire October 31st of even-numbered years regardless of initial date of licensing.
  • Licenses are not forward-able.
  • Duplicate licenses are issued upon request with a fee of $5.00, made payable to the Commonwealth of PA and mailed to the board office or by accessing the on-line process.
  • You will be notified of application discrepancies by correspondence or email.