Rigging Inspection & Testing

OSHA Laws and the resulting Health and Safety Acts require regular inspection of rigging and lifting equipment. Crawford Custom Consulting has a full crew of NCCCO Certified inspectors who fully inspect each piece in accordance with ASME/ANSI Standards and OSHA Law. Crawford Custom Consulting can also perform load tests on many different types of rigging and lifting devices with our test bed capable of testing up to 100,000 lbs and 24' in length as well as portable load cells capable of load testing just about anything.

  • Visually inspect for any signs of damage or deformation per ASME/ANSI Standards and OSHA Law.
Pull Test
  • Items will be pull tested per OSHA/ASME standards to the required working load limit (WLL).
  • Crawford Custom Consulting will supply a load test certificate including a graph showing the test amount and duration of the test for each item, as well as a copy of the inspection report.
  • All rigging is tagged to show it meets the inspection guidelines, and passed the load test, if requested, for the specific WLL.